The TMTProtects Payment Modal currently supports the following translations:

Language "lang" option
Chinese zhZH
English (default) enGB
German deDE
Italian itIT
Japanese jaJA
Kazakh kkKK
Korean KoKO
Portuguese ptBR
Romanian roRO
Russian ruRU
Spanish esES
Ukranian ukUK
Uzbek uzUZ

Should you wish to contribute a translation, please supply translations for the fields below to

    "form": {
        "title": "Payment Details",
        "invoice": "Invoice",
        "cc_no": "Credit Card Number",
        "cvv": "CVV",
        "expiry": "Expiry Date",
        "pay": "Pay",
        "success": "Payment successful!",
        "retry": "Retry",
        "terms": "This sites uses Trust My Travel t/a TMTProtects to facilitate and protect your payment as merchant of record. By clicking Pay, you agree to Trust My Travel’s terms"
    "paymentStatus": {
        "submitting": "Submitting Payment...",
        "contactingBank": "Contacting Bank...",
        "apologies": "Apologies, this is taking longer than usual...",
        "stillWaiting": "Still waiting for a response..."
    "errors": {
        "connecting": "Payment Service Provider unavailable",
        "timeout": "Your payment attempt has timed out, but may have been successful. Please contact the site admin and quote booking ID {{id}}"

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